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Time Flys When You're... Living?

November 20th 2011 02:38
: It's November? When Did That Happen?
Hello all you beautiful people,

So, it's been a while. Like a really long time. Almost (but not quite) 6 full months. Suffice to say, I've been remiss in my posting duties. But apparently the world didn't end while I was away fro our little home on the web, so I'm going to try and get back here a little more often.

While I was away, the political scene in the US (and worldwide) went a little manic. The Presidential campaign started to actually get serious... so serious in fact that it managed to give Rick Perry (Gov. ... of where again?) a brief case of amnesia, drive Herman Cain to sputtering incoherence (which is actually less remarkable than the fact that he was actually leading the Republican primary briefly). Oh and some guy named Obama just kind of quietly keeps raising millions of dollars from large numbers of grassroots supporters while letting the GOP contenders make him look more presidential by the day. I stand by my post from May 26... Obama's going to win in 2012.

In other completely-unsurprising-yet-s till-kind-of-shocking news, the House and Senate managed to almost allow the economy to implode on two separate occasions over the debt ceiling and 2012 budget... and then punt the problem down the road. It's five days and counting until the next punt. I feel like a Washington Redskins fan. Oh wait...

What else, what else... Oh yeah. Apparently the remarkable occurrence known as the Arab Spring, which is still ongoing, (see Saif Al Islam Quaddafi, capture of this morning, reported to me as I was marching with Pro Syrian Freedom Demonstrators in Ottawa) helped to remind people in democratic nations that if they believe that the elite are not acting in their interests, they have the right to protest. The Occupy movement reared it's many faced head on September 17th in Zuccotti Park in New York's Financial district, inspiring the birth of numerous solidarity protests around the globe (one of which I just happen to be working with myself). It's a fascinating time to be alive, and not just because of the soap opera that is Washington for once.

With all that being said (and much more on the tip of my tongue), I'm going to leave you for tonight, and try to get back real soon. Because I care.

Cheers (and Occupy Everywhere like I'm occupying this coffee shop with free wi-fi right now)


PS: for more on the Occupation that is near and dear to my heart, please go to



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Comment by Howard

December 23rd 2011 02:50
How do you feel about Obama's steps to use the Netanyahu Israeli war hawks to start war with Iran? This could easily become a Russia, China vs. USA, NATO nuclear exchange. How many will die?

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